Site regulations


1. The regulations are written in the masculine language but refer to both genders equally. Everything stated in these regulations is in the masculine
Also refers to the female and vice versa, and all that is said in the singular, also refers to the plural and vice versa.
2. The association allows you through this website to donate money for the association’s needs in an easy way,
Convenient and fast – you can pay by credit card, bank transfer or by phone.
3. When making a donation using a credit card, the card will be checked with the credit card company
And the surfer will receive an immediate answer regarding the status of the transaction and whether it was accepted or rejected.
4. Donation/transaction cancellation policy: The person carrying out the action will be entitled to contact the association with a request for a change
Billing details and transaction cancellation. It can be canceled within 33 days from the day the donation message was delivered by phone
or the donation was made online according to the Consumer Protection Law 1891. The association will make the
The change required in accordance with the policy used at the time in the credit company. If a company
The credit will charge the association a fee for the operation, the operator of the operation will be charged the said fee.
5. If the transaction was not approved by the credit company, the operator of the operation will receive an appropriate notification.
In order to complete the operation, the operator of the operation must establish telephone contact with the association.
6. Do not give false details. Submitting false information is a criminal offense. A surfer who commits a foul
This is expected to legal, criminal and civil proceedings.
7. The association will not bear any responsibility for illegal activity carried out by participants on the website or
For any other factor that is not under its full control.
8. The interpretation of these regulations and the enforcement of the regulations or any action and/or conflict arising from it, will be
In accordance with the laws of the State of Israel. Any dispute or question related to these regulations will be brought to a decision
In the competent judicial court in Tel Aviv district only.
9. I confirm that my age is at least 19 years old and that I have read and agree to the website’s regulations and policies
10.Privacy restriction policy: the association recognizes the obligation to protect the privacy of donors, the association does not
Transfer the donor information to a third party.
11. Limitation of liability policy: The donation money will be directed to the association’s bank account for activities
the association
12. A payment confirmation will be sent by email for each donation.
If you do not agree to any of the terms of these regulations, you are requested not to use this website.

Cookies policy
The company uses cookies (“cookies” or “cookie files”).
Cookie files are small text files stored on users’ computers.
The cookie files make it possible to collect non-identifying information through the users’ computers or through the web browser.
The company will collect on the website, using the cookie files, the information detailed below:
Your approximate geographic location;
the language settings of your web browser;
the type of device with which you use the website;
Information about browsing times.
A user who does not want cookies to be collected on their personal computer can prevent the collection of cookies by changing the settings in the computer’s browser. At the same time, canceling the collection of cookies may result in some services on the website being unavailable or their quality being compromised.