About Bnos Melech Seminary
BMS is designed for the heimishe girl who seeks to expand and progress in her personal Avodas Hashem. Our goal is to inspire and infuse our talmidos with higher vision and values.

We offer stimulating and thought-provoking shiurim in an environment of joy, accomplishment, eagerness and challenge. We offer special courses geared to develop real life skills such as heightened self-awereness, honest and mature communication tools, while honing our students thinking abilities through the lens of Torah Hashkofo.

The extra-curricular program such as creative projects and exciting trips include a dimension of depth and hashkafic perspective.

Noted mechanchos serve as inspirational role models with the ability to address and clarify challenging concepts. Our staff members are warm, devoted, and approachable, creating a strong kesher with our talmidos for many years to come.

Our tefillah is that all we bs’d instill in our students serve as tremendous assets in any arena of life, especially in their future roles as wives and mothers of Klal Yisrael.

Bnos Melech Seminary is fully supervised and endorsed by rabbonim and mechanchim worldwide.

What We Offer
Engaging and Enlightening Classes
Meaningful and Exhilarating Extra-Curricular Program
Warm and Productive Teacher and Student Relationship
Renowned Guest Speakers and Workshops
Innovative Chessed Program
Comfortable, Home-Like Dorm
Optional High School Diploma and Certified Professional Courses Available

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